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Kayla is an alien mercenary and the former fiancé of the alien disguised as Gary Green.

At some point in time, Kayla began journeying through space, working as a mercenary; she also became the boss and girlfriend of "Gary Green".[1]

Eventually, Kayla was hired by the alien warlord, Bishop, who sent her to capture highly skilled warriors throughout time and space, including the Thracian warrior Spartacus[1] and Lord Knoxicrillion.[2] She also targeted another warrior from Earth so she sent "Gary" as a spy to befriend and eventually abduct her.[1]

After the defeat of the Fates, Kayla and Gary kidnapped Sara in London in 1977. Later, as Spartacus was released from an escaped Sara, Kayla found him and impaled him with one of her tentacles, eating him alive; Sara confronted her but Kayla was able to defeat her. As Sara escaped once again from her cell, Kayla was thrown out of the spaceship into the Temporal Zone, falling through time.[1]

Kayla was found in 1962 by the Cuban Army, who wanted to experiment on her body: Ava Sharpe and the Legends also targeted her as they wanted to discover Sara's whereabouts. After Fidel Castro activated the launch of a nuclear attack on Washington, D.C., Kayla used her knowledge to steal the plutonium inside the bomb to fuel the ship to reach Sara, also saving Nate Heywood, Zari and the other White House residents.[3]

After the mission, Kayla agreed to escort Mick Rory on his space journey, assuming a human appearance to make him feel comfortable.[3]



  • Kayla was portrayed in her human form by Aliyah O'Brien.
  • Like all the members of her race, Kayla is a man-eater.[1]