Ke'Haan of Varva was Kilowog's second in command.


He was an extremely tough mentor, and more recruits flunked or dropped out than graduated. One of the exceptions to this was Laira, daughter of former Green Lantern Kentor Omoto. She became his star pupil, and they often could be found on missions together.

Green Lantern Corps

Ke'Haan and Laira were two of several Green Lanterns who attempted to defend Oa from Hal Jordan, but were defeated and left for dead by Jordan. They were two of several ex-Green Lanterns taken captive by the Manhunters who were rescued by a reformed Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner.


Ke'Haan and Laira came to Hal Jordan's aid on Qward. The group then split in two, with Laira, Ke'Haan, and Boodikka in one group, and Jordan, Graf Toren, and Tomar Tu in the other. Ke'Haan's group encountered the Anti-Monitor, Guardian of the Sinestro Corps, who killed him.




Oath unknown.


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