Mister Keane was a section chief for the Department of Homeland Security.

He was in charge of a program that involved in-depth analysis of several captured Martians. It was Keane's opinion a single Martian posed a greater threat to the interest of National Security than a stockpile of nuclear warheads. To this end, his team studied Martian anatomy and began developing weaponry and armaments that could reproduce Martian powers. His scientists even developed a special bullet that reacted to a Martian's psionic frequency, causing the oxygen within their bloodstream to heat to the point of bursting into flame. This scientific achievement was similar in function to H'ronmeer's Plague, the psychic "curse" that annihilated the Martian culture.

Keane's second-in-command was a woman named Rio Ferdinand. Ferdinand was in charge of overseeing the research program's progress as well as pulling together members of the "Liberty List". The Liberty List were field agents who had been brainwashed in order to evade Martian telepathic probing. Another of Keane's go-to agents was a military commander named Giggs. Giggs was in charge of clean-up and instructed to eliminate any civilians who might compromise the program's objectives.

When the Martian Manhunter broke into Keane's facility and liberated five abducted Martians, Keane summoned several of his old teammates together including the Black Canary, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Vixen and Zatanna. Using his position to gain the heroes' trust, he informed them that the Martian Manhunter had gone rogue.

As matters escalated, Keane felt that Rio Ferdinand had become a liability to his goals and tried to have her killed. Ferdinand survived the assassination attempt and began plotting her revenge by gathering as much tangible evidence that she could in order to expose Keane's illegal activities.

The Martian Manhunter likewise learned about Keane's efforts and attacked him at his mansion. Keane tried to avoid prosecution by taking his own life, but the Manhunter disarmed him before he could complete the act. He interrogated him and learned of the existence of a conspirator - a green Martian named Cay'an who blamed the Manhunter for the death of the Martian race and wanted revenge.

Ferdinand submitted the information she had gathered to the proper authorities and Keane's scandalous actions became a matter of public record. Whether or not Keane was affected by the results of the scandal are unknown.



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