Little is known of Kefong's history before he arrived at the Seminary. He was the most prized pupil at his former school, Swan School of Iridescent Kung Fu, and received glowing praise from his teacher, Master Chen Ray Guhn. He was accepted midway through the fall semester of his senior year, having been transferred to help his social skills.

Sergeant Stomp, one of the Seminary staff members, soon was to test Kefong's physical abilities. Kefong easily fought him off and humiliated him with his mastery of chronal bubbles. In a negotiation not to spread word of it, Kefong took Sgt. Stomp as his personal servant.

Kefong also befriended Punchy and Duke, though in a very loose manner. He convinced them that the school dance, organized by Destra, was a good idea as it led to sex. While neither new friend made any use of this advice, Kefong impressed almost all the attendees with break-dancing moves, picked up from a sprite, Beat Box, that he met in his childhood.

After Punchy, Empty Vee, Destra and Duke unleashed the vortex and psychological hell inside Sykes's mind upon the school, Kefong used his powers of meditation to separate himself from it. He then set up Sykes's nullifier again, saving the students and staff. He later attempted to speak with Sykes about the incident, but never received a reply, and assured Seminary's counselor Mr. Dashett he'd be returning in the following year. He also proved to be the only student to be able to understand Mr. Dashett's rapid speaking.

During the summer, Kefong vacationed in Las Vegas and used his chronal abilities to stay in expensive hotels for free. He met a retired lounge singer, Dumont, and slept with his wife, only to find that both Dumont and his wife had been dead for twenty-seven years, victims of a murder-suicide. To meditate, he visited the Bunny Ranch.

When he returned to school, Destra enlisted his aid in unraveling a conspiracy among the staff members. Kefong interrogated Mr. Biggs and then wiped his memory. He later gave the e-mail address of Jack Marlowe, information from the interrogation, to Destra, who was subsequently captured by Marlowe. With the help of Miss Klanbaid and the other Intimates, Kefong successfully rescued Destra and all the Intimates escaped the school.





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