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Keith White was a young boy adopted by Perry and Alice White.

Keith's mother, sick with AIDS and too poor to support herself much less a son, gave Keith up to an orphanage in Metropolis run by Myra. Keith always believed that his mother would one day come back for him.

One day, Keith wandered underground and was caught by some Underworlders, who were plotting with some leftover Warworld warriors to invade Metropolis. The Underworlders told Keith they had his mother as a hostage and would kill her if he told anyone about their plans. Superman managed to rescue Keith, but he held his tongue about the plot. He decided that he would rescue his mother by himself, hoping that by doing so she would take him back. Using glow-in-the-dark spray paint, he found his way back into the Underworlder's tunnels were he overheard Clawster mention that they have taken no prisoners. Knowing that they had lied to him and now desperate to reveal their plans, Keith fled the tunnels and used his spray paint to mark a large "S" shield on the ground, which succeeded in drawing Superman's attention. Keith told Superman everything and he stopped the Warworlders from invading the city.[1]

Keith, along with the rest of the world, was shocked and devastated over the Death of Superman.

When the Underworlders begin dying from the Clone Plague, they are prompted to invade Metropolis again. An ailing Lex Luthor also devastates much of the city with a series of bombs and missiles. Keith's orphanage is damaged, and in the aftermath of the Fall of Metropolis, Myra is killed.[2]

Keith then meets Alice White, the wife of Perry White, and she takes an immediate liking to the boy. She convinces her husband that they should adopt Keith, despite their age. Keith is reluctant at first, believing still that his mother is coming back for him. She does turn up, but just in time to die from her AIDS. The Whites do adopt Keith after his mother's funeral.[3]