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Kelex was a Kryptonian Service Robot in the House of El.

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The original Kelex was but one of many robotic assistants in service to the House of El in the years before Krypton's destruction. Owned by family patriarch Seyg-El, Kelex was charged with monitoring Seyg-El's son Jor-El. Gifted with a greater perception of human emotion than the other robots, Kelex knew that Jor-El was different from other Kryptonians. Kelex was destroyed when the planet Krypton exploded due to an unstable core.

Years later, a highly advanced Kryptonian relic called the Eradicator used its inherent technology in an effort to recreate Krypton on Earth. Though this effort never came to total fruition, it did result in the creation of the Fortress of Solitude. The Eradicator also recreated a host of robotic assistants, including a second Kelex. Like his predecessor, Kelex II was devoutly loyal to the House of El and soon came under the service of the now-grown Kal-El (better known to the world as Superman). Kelex remained at the Fortress of Solitude for many years, and was instrumental in the construction of a humanoid physical body for the Eradicator.

In later years, Kelex was loaned out to John Henry Irons for service at his company the Steelworks. John's niece, Natasha Irons, reprogrammed Kelex's personality matrix to make the robot more user-friendly. Though still obedient and loyal, Kelex's speech patterns were peppered with terminology commonly associated with street gangs.


  • Robot Body
    • Enhanced Vision: Kelex possesses enhanced vision by way of a pan-spectral ocular array.
    • Flight: Kelex is capable of limited directional flight due to a techno-organic memory cluster located in his lower torso.


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