Keli Quintela is the Teen Lantern, an eleven-year-old girl that hacked into the Green Lantern Power Battery from her mother's house in La Paz, Bolivia, and rigged her own way to pull the source energy into her gauntlet; then she reprogrammed it to do whatever she wants without the knowledge of the Green Lantern Corps.[1] She is a member of Young Justice, a team of young heroes dedicated to fighting evil.


While at a junkyard searching for something with a boy named Marcos, Keli witnesses a man kill an alien. She later returns to the junkyard and finds the alien, Iorl, dying. Before he dies, she takes a device from him that allows her to access the Green Lantern Power Battery. She decides to go to Metropolis to become a superhero, which is where she fights against Dark Opal's men and is swept away to Gemworld, becoming a member of Young Justice.[2]

Young Justice

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