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Kell Mossa is the last survivor of his world, cast out as a Pariah into the Multiverse. He was doomed to have his warnings ignored and see worlds die in the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

In his home dimension, Kell Mossa was one of the most gifted scientists to have ever lived. Arrogantly hoping to unlock the mysteries of the universe, and flying in the face of his people's concerns, he locked himself in an anti-matter chamber. He hoped to witness creation at the Dawn of Time, but instead he witnessed the Anti-Monitor, and helped begin that being's rampage of destruction. His world destroyed, Kell was saved by the Monitor, and renamed Pariah. He acquired the mostly involuntary ability to travel from one alternate Earth to another, forced to witness untold millions perish, although he could control this ability on occasion. He blamed himself for the destruction of his own world, the release of the Anti-Monitor, and the subsequent destruction of universe after universe, until he eventually learned he was essentially blameless.

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Pariah worked with different heroes from different realities, including Alexander Luthor of Earth-Three, in an attempt to defeat the Anti-Monitor. Once the Crisis was abated, Pariah remained on the newly reformed Earth, relieved that his penance seemed to be over, and hoping to find a new life for himself.

After some time living in peace, Pariah attempted to warn Lex Luthor of a threat from outside the universe. However, this Luthor was in actuality Alexander Luthor of Earth-Three in disguise, posing as the New Earth Lex Luthor, and preparing to remake the universe to his liking by restoring the multiverse. Pariah was subsequently murdered by Alexander Luthor.[2]

During the Blackest Night, Pariah returned as a zombie and a member of the Black Lantern Corps with a black ring. He was once more condemned to travel the universe and warn of impending disaster. Pariah reappeared for the first time in Gotham Cemetery right before the Spectre was reanimated,[3] and then in deep space he appeared to John Stewart right before the entire planet Xanshi became a Black Lantern.[4]

When reality was changed again by the Flashpoint, Pariah was restored to life and fell through a crack left in the new Multiverse, landing back in the ruined Multiverse-2. He was held prisoner by the Empty Hand and The Gentry, who forced him to watch as they devoured the infinite Earths one by one. His captors eventually left to invade the new fifty-two Earths.

Alone in an empty Multiverse, he decided there was a way to escape the cycle of destruction and rebirth. While Alexander Luthor had tried to create one perfect world, Pariah would create perfect worlds for everyone. Eventually Barry Allen, the man who created the cracks, crossed through them himself and entered Multiverse-2. Pariah sent Barry into his own pocket dimension, Earth-Flash.1, where he would always be happy "No matter what."[5]


  • Immortality: It is believed that Pariah may be immortal, which is to say that he will not physically age beyond his current state.
  • Invulnerability: Almost totally invulnerable, except to forces outside the Multiverse (special conditions not withstanding).
  • Teleportation: Innately teleports to the focal point of vast danger or disaster.
  • Flight
  • Reality Alteration: Pariah possessed the ability to create pocket dimensions.[5]


  • This character existed before the Crisis on Infinite Earths, but made his first appearance during it.
  • The numerical designation (Earth-?) of Pariah's home universe has never been revealed. Though fans often dubbed it "Earth-Omega" as it was the site of the "beginning of the end".[6]
  • Post-Crisis, his home universe was retconned as an alternate dimension rather than a parallel Earth.[7]



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