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Quote1 I want to be an advocate for the people who have lost hope. For the people who have been failed by those meant to protect them. For the people who don't have heroes that look like them. Protecting those that are exhausted, so they don't have to fight every single day for themselves. Quote2
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Dr. Kelly Olsen is James Olsen's younger sister, who became the second Guardian to protect her community in National City.

She is a psychologist specialized in trauma formerly affiliated to the U.S. Army. After she moved to National City to accompany her brother's recovery, she becomes Alex Danvers' romantic interest.

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  • Allergy: Kelly is allergic to blueberries.[7]


  • Guardian armor: Kelly uses a golden protective armor as the vigilante Guardian. The gold coloring and beads on the suit symbolize the Ethiopian and Eritrean heritage.[8]


  • Motorcycle

  • Kelly was born in 1983.[10][11]
  • Kelly's Guardian armor is more accurate to the original Guardian suit in the comics than the other worn by her brother James in previous seasons. According to Azie Tesfai, her Guardian armor took around six months to design.[8]