Quote1.png ...I woke up almost invulnerable...my skin turned to "armor"... strength and speed increased...senses enhanced. Feels great, but no way I can continue being Kelvin Mao the cop looking like this... Quote2.png
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Ballistic was a monstrous New Blood who joined the Blood Pack.

Kelvin Mao was a member of the Gotham City Police Department Tactical Unit. The unit was sent to face Angon, who was committing murders throughout the city. The entire squad was killed except Mao who was bitten by Angon and received massive injuries. Mao was placed in a body-cast at the hospital until the monster's bite mutated him. The alien's bite activated Mao's metagene and he was transformed into a large man with armored skin, super-strength, night vision, and super-hearing. He left the hospital and equipped himself with munitions in anticipation of another meeting with Angon. Soon after, Mao, calling himself "Ballistic", did indeed face Angon again. This time he teamed with Batman to drive Angon out of the city. A short time later, Ballistic joined with several other "New Bloods" to defeat all the spine-sucking aliens.[citation needed]

Not long after this, Ballistic became a killer for hire and he was hired to kill Arnold Etchinson, better known as the serial killer Abattoir. On his quest, Ballistic teamed up with Batman again in order to take down the Malevolent Maniaxe, who were also looking to kill Abattoir.[1] After dealing with the group, Ballistic and Batman found the man who put out the blood money contract. Batman continued the search for Abbatoir while Ballistic took the contract money and left Gotham city.[2]

Ballistic next became a member of the superhero reality show, The Blood Pack. He helped the team beat the Quorum but the team disbanded shortly after this victory. Kelvin then spent some time on his own as a vigilante, occasionally aiding the original Batman, but soon found another team. Cave Carson's Forgotten Heroes came calling and Ballistic joined them for a mission aiding Resurrection Man. It seems Ballistic left the Forgotten Heroes after this mission. After that he decided to try the lone vigilante act once again. Ballistic wasn't seen much in the superhero community but was once tossed out of Guy Gardner's bar, Warrior's, for throwing his weight around.

Infinite Crisis

Ballistic was called into duty during the Battle for Metropolis. Ballistic teamed with several other former members of the Blood Pack to tackle Solomon Grundy. While fighting Grundy, Ballistic, and the other members of the Blood Pack present, along with that incarnation of Grundy, are killed in a blast of heat-vision from Superboy Prime.

Blackest Night

During the Blackest Night, Ballistic was resurrected as a member of the Black Lantern Corps. He, along with other members of the Blood Pack, were organized by Alexander Luthor to attack Superboy Prime.






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