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Kendall Stuart is a geologist from Toronto, Canada.

He was exposed to an outbreak of the Apocalypse Virus in Greenland, and walked away as the only known survivor.[1] When a similar outbreak happened in Gotham City, Daniel Maris and the wealthy residents of Babylon Towers paid Penguin to find him.[2] Stuart was found in Alaska by Azrael, Catwoman, Robin and Tracker.[3] While they were fighting over who would bring him back, the cabin was attacked by the Order of St. Dumas. Despite their efforts to save him, he was shot in the back to prevent him from stopping the virus. With his dying breath he told Azrael and Catwoman of two more survivors, Fong and Leanore We. Robin returned to Batman with a blood sample.[4] The vaccine made from his blood did nothing to help stop the plague, as his immunity was natural and not acquired. He had not developed antibodies.[5]



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