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Kendra Munoz-Saunders is a treasure hunter and, under the name Hawkgirl, a member of the Wonders of the World.

Because of her reputation, she was hired by the World Army for a particular project which resulted in the permanent grafting of wings to her back.

Some time later, she met with the Flash in Europe. She was guided by a certain Fate as to where she might find him. Together, they went to Washington, D.C. and fought Grundy, without much success. They were later joined by Green Lantern, and subsequently by the Atom. They were only able to defeat Grundy when Green Lantern carried Grundy out of the Earth's atmosphere, and stranded him on the moon.

Despite his help against Grundy, the Atom, under orders from the World Army, tried to capture Hawkgirl, but she escaped with the help of the Flash. Green Lantern then returned to Earth after removing the danger of the nuclear missiles that the World Army launched under the advice of Terry Sloan. Unfortunately, he had run out of power, having been separated from the Earth for too long and exerting so much energy. He was saved by Hawkgirl, who caught him in mid-free fall.

Hawkgirl then visited the penthouse apartment of Alan Scott who was still mourning over the death of his partner Sam. Hawkgirl's detective skills allowed her to discover that Alan and Green Lantern were one and the same. She tried to convince him to join she and the Flash to form a team against the coming danger.

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  • Wings: Following the discovery of Nabu's Tomb, Kendra was bestowed large wings through as of yet undisclosed means.
    • Flight: With her wings, Kendra is capable of unassisted flight and as she's possessed these powers a fairly long amount of time she's notably highly proficient in their use. While in the air, Kendra has displayed complete aerial superiority as she's capable of easily performing difficult maneuvers in midair with great fluidity and skill. Perhaps her most impressive feat was swooping down between the legs of an Apokorat to reach its unprotected areas while still retaining perfect control of her momentum.[1]
  • Enhanced Senses: Kendra's senses are enhanced to superhuman levels allowing her to feel energy fields like The Grey.[2]


  • Investigation: Was able to deduce Green Lantern's identity as Alan Scott[4]. She also displayed herself to be skilled enough to outperform several hired detectives in her search for clues about Alan Scott's lover.[5]
  • Firearms: Kendra is highly proficient in the use of various firearms, typically opting to use two handguns in combat. She's demonstrated remarkable accuracy with them and combines them with her powers of flight to impressive effect.[1]
  • Archery: In addition to her skill with firearms, Kendra is also highly skilled with her crossbow, being capable of firing bolts with unerring accuracy. This was best demonstrated when she managed to catch the Green Lantern's ring at the shaft of her bolt.[4]
  • Archaeology: As a world renowned treasure hunter, Kendra is highly knowledgeable within this field.


  • Crossbow
  • Pistols



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