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Kendra Saunders is the reincarnated soul Chay-Ara. She became Hawkgirl after fulfilling a reoccurring prophesy of falling to her death.[1]

Hawkgirl's Awakening

Kendra moved to Central City where she became a barista at a local coffee shop CC Jitters. She met Cisco Ramon while working and was hesitant to accept a date with him at first. She eventually gave in to his nerdy charm and when they first kissed, Ramon vibed her future into becoming Hawkgirl but kept it a secret from her.[2]

However, Carter Hall soon appeared and abducted her. He explained she was the embodiment of a reincarnated lover of his and he was attempting to save her. They have been pursued through the ages by an immortal named Vandal Savage. He killed them in each generation of their reincarnation to maintain his immortality and strengthen his powers. They were soon attacked by Vandal and during the scuffle Kendra jumped off the building. As Carter had predicted, her powers awakened and she became Hawkgirl. They were soon saved from Vandal by the combined forces of The Flash and Team Arrow lead by Green Arrow. However, Vandal escaped in the process and they realized she would continue to be hunted unless they stopped him.[1]

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