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Kendra Saunders is the hero known as Hawkgirl, cursed to reincarnation alongside Hawkman.

Kendra Saunders' father was a honest police officer, but he was killed by a fellow police officer who was corrupt. Kendra decided to become a cop herself to help people, but felt the rules of the police force were a barrier. She was suspended many times from the force. During one such suspensions, the hero Carter Hall, also known as "Hawkman" came to her and revealed that she had been reincarnating since the times of Ancient Egypt, when she was a princess, alongside him. He also stated that the two had been lovers and heroes in their past lives.[1]

Kendra believed Hawkman was mad and refused to believe him. Discovering that she had no memory of him, he decided to leave, but gifted her a Nth Metal mace and flight harness. Kendra took them just so he would leave her alone, but later figured that she could use it to become a hero, allowing her to help people more than she could as a police officer. She took the name "Hawkgirl" and became a crimefighter.[1]

As the most powerful wave of Infinite Crisis struck, realities were torn asunder and cast adrift into the Bleed. This resulted in Gotham City of Earth-19 and Gotham of Earth-0, which were adrift in the Bleed, to be merged together. Hawkgirl decided to band with other heroes to fight the threat endangering the multiverse.[1]