Doctor Kenneth Harbinger, working for Waynetech's medical division, developed a sensational technology which allowed him (or anyone else) to project his consciousness into the brain of subjects who had had a special bio-chip implanted. Harbinger, himself a paraplegic, was elated at the feeling of walking again; soon, he abused the technology he had created for his own gain. He used several of the test subjects the military had provided, in combination with sonic weapons technology, to steal money and seek base enjoyment through the body of another. Eventually he managed to transfer his mind into the brain of one of his subjects permanently, and then proceeded to build a portable device which allowed him to overpower the will of other people, making them extremely suggestible. However, in the end he is forced to 'leap' from body to body, using his equipment, but is killed as his final host body is hit by a train.



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