Quote1.png We all face fear--in the form of a monster or a hospital bed. I--I'm afraid that I let my adoptive mother and father down--I'm afraid that the war will never end--I--I'm afraid of what I've become. I'm afraid that Kent Nelson's fears are only a nostalgic indulgence. I'm afraid Doc Fate fears nothing at all. Quote2.png
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Doc Fate is a famed adventurer who bested Ibn al Ghul and formed the Society of Super-Heroes.

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  • Doc Fate is an amalgam of the Doctor Fate concept with that of Doc Savage.
  • This version of Kent Nelson is African-American.
  • Like his enemy, Doc Faust, Doc Fate's magic is apparently a combination of traditional sorcery and dieselpunk technology.
  • Doc Fate's spells invoke the names of "Buddahakh-Amun," and "Ra-Amida." Both names are amalgamations of the names of the Egyptian god, Ra, and the Buddha.


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