Quote1.png I'm known as the Invisible Hood. I've come to rescue you and break up the Spade Gang, but above all, I've come for your secret of invisibility, professor! Quote2.png
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Kent Thurston wore a red hooded cloak when fighting crime as the Invisible Hood.

Kent Thurston was a former private detective whose costumed adventures began with a call from Inspector Bill Blake, seeking Kent's knowledge of precious gems. Thurston investigated the case of a stolen Indian necklace, donning a red cloak and mask to become the Invisible Hood. He was also armed with a gas gun to help "convince" someone to cooperate.[1]

Ironically, he was not really invisible when he began his crime-fighting career. It wasn't until he tried to rescue a kidnapped chemist, who had discovered the secret of invisibility, that he was able to become his namesake. During the botched rescue, the chemist was killed ,but not before entrusting his secret to Kent. With the secret chemical compound, which rendered the wearer invisible, now sprayed on his cloak, he continued to fight for the good of society.[2]



  • Unfortunately, though he was invisible, his footprints would be visible in dust, snow, etc., which proved to be his downfall many times.


  • Invisible Cloak: Kent wore a red, hooded cloak that could render him invisible when treated with chemicals. Already a masked vigilante crime-fighter, Thurston decided to avenge the chemical treatment's creator by fighting crime and gaining retribution for the man's death.

  • Death Toll:
    • Kent Thurston packed a gun, and killed gang leader Garrick Spade by shooting him.[2]
    • He also killed the Voodoo Master by piercing his body with a sword.[3]
  • Kent Thurston's secret identity was the Invisible Hood; his feature in Smash Comics (Volume 1) was titled Invisible Justice.



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