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Kentclark was a member of The Unseen.

Kentclark was once the Superman of his world in the Dark Multiverse, prior to his transformation into a dark, negative copy of himself.[1] When his world began to die, as all worlds in the Dark Multiverse do, he was rescued by the mysterious Perrus the Benevolent, and joined his "Unseen"--a collection of misfits from dead worlds, all protected by Perrus, in exchange for feeding him their life-energy. He eventually rose the ranks, becoming Perrus's right hand man,[2] although he eventually betrayed Perrus alongside the other Unseen.[3]


  • Flight: KentClark is able to fly or hover unaided. He tends to fly instead of walking.[3]
  • Intangibility: KentClark can traverse through solid objects, whether they are organic or non-organic.[3]


Kentclark was inspired by the "Negative Superman" creature seen in World's Finest #126,[1] although it is implied Kentclark was once his world's actual Superman and not just a negative duplicate.[4]



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