"To the Stars By Hard Ways": Nate Kent and Joshua Freeman continue looking for Mary Glenowen.

Quote1 Hickock wouldn't get this sweated up over a watch, Joshua. Something else is up! Quote2
Nate Kent

Appearing in "To the Stars By Hard Ways"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Jesse James
  • Dave Tutt
  • Joshua Freeman
  • Mary Glenowen
  • Leaf Falls


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "To the Stars By Hard Ways"

Nate Kent and Joshua Freeman continue looking for Mary Glenowen.

Bill Hickock and Dave Tutt are about to have a showdown over a card game dispute.

A group of men in the spectators plan to draw on Hickock as soon as Dave Tutt makes a move. Hickock kills Tutt and turns toward the spectators lightning fast. They give up.

In a town called Liberty, Jeb watches the horses for the Younger gang while Jesse James and the Youngers rob a bank. Jeb sees Jesse shoot a man in cold blood and leave the gang to head for Texas.

Jim Lane kills himself.


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