Timber is a member of the Immortal Men.

Timber was born in the early 19th century, to a member of a colonial logging camp and a member of the native Menominee Nation. Her mother claimed she was fathered by a Sicilian worker, but even her racist grandfather secretly knew who her true father was. Because of this racism, he felt his family line was hurt by the existence of his granddaughter, and sought to take revenge by stealing the local timber market from the natives. The young Timber would not stand for this, and, using her size-shifting powers and a folkloric blue axe, she chopped down an entire forest in one night and left the logs for the Menominee to sell. This legend spread West, where it was heard by the Immortal Man, who recruited Timber to his House of Action.[1]

Centuries later, Timber was a survivor from the House of Conquest's assault on the Campus, the base of operations of the Immortal Men, alongside Stray, Reload and Ghost Fist. Upon realizing that they were the sole survivors of their House, she briefly attacked Reload, until she was reminded of their mission: finding Caden Park.




  • Babe the Blue Axe

  • Statements by the Immortal Man seem to imply that the folkloric tale of Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox were, in fact, inspired by Timber and her Blue Axe, albeit heavily twisted by time and prejudice.



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