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Kestrel was an agent of the Lords of Chaos, an enemy of Hawk and Dove.

The creature known as Kestrel was created by a spell by M'Shulla and Gorrum, the Lords of Chaos. It has no form of its own, and it most commonly possesses a human and interacts with the material world through its host.

It possessed an unknown man several years ago in an attempt to prevent the formation of a new Hawk and Dove team; it also attempted to bring Hawk to the side of Chaos in the upcoming mystical war. He fought both Hawk and Dove several times, on one occasion nearly killing Hawk; only the intervention of the new Dove stopped him. In the end, he failed and the mortal shell was destroyed by his creators.

Later, Kestrel possessed Ren Takamori (Hank Hall's girlfriend at the time) to lure Hawk and Dove to Druspa Tau, where Kestrel actually succeeded in having Hawk fight on the side of Chaos. However, Hawk eventually absorbed the Kestrel spell into himself, effectively destroying it.

Kestrel was later said to have been killed by the sorcerer Mordru, who seeks to wipe out all agents of Order or Chaos.[1] However, he was later seen as part of the Injustice Society.

Recently, Kestrel resurfaced in a new male body and managed to ambush the Teen Titans (including Hawk & Dove) in their own tower, and stole the power of Raven's soulself. The Teen Titans travelled to Kestrel's lair and managed to defeat Kestrel, with some help from a villain who had escaped Kestrel's brainwashing.