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Kevin Grady is a powerful telepath who can erase people's memories.

Kevin Grady lived with his father Lawrence, a medical doctor at the Summerholt Neurological Institute, and his brother Dillon in Smallville, Kansas. Kevin enjoyed riding motorcycles and practiced motocross together with his brother. On a hunting trip, Dillon got shot by his father. Lawrence Grady subjected Kevin to a memory-alteration treatment at the Institute in order to make him believe that he had shot his brother. This treatment had a side effect of providing Kevin with an ability to erase other people's memory.

Kevin broke out from Summerholt Institute and stole some money from the Talon in order to be able to leave Smallville. As Clark Kent stopped his car to prevent him from fleeing, Kevin wept his memory. He later told Clark that people normally only forgot the last few minutes, but Clark could not remember anything from his birth on.

Kevin went home and started packing his backpack in order to leave Smallville forever. His father Lawrence entered and wondered why he was not in Summerholt. Kevin erased his father's memory of the last few minutes and left the house by the back door just as Clark, Lois and Chloe appeared at the front door, and he drove away on his motorcycle. Chloe urged Clark who did not remember his super speed abilities to follow him. Clark did so, but not knowing how to control his speed, he outrun him without being able to stop.

Chloe hacked the computer of the Summerholt Institute and sent some video files to Lois and Clark from which they learned about Kevin's memory treatment. Chloe was then found and captured by Dr. Grady. Clark helped Kevin remember that he was not guilty for the death of his brother. Together, they broke into Summerholt Institute where Dr. Grady was about to subject Chloe to the same memory treatment as Kevin had received in order to make her forget what she found out.

Clark absorbed the radiation that was intended for her, thereby restoring his own memory. However, this overloaded the equipment, and two large pillars started to fall on Chloe. When Clark catched the pillars and threw them aside, he was watched by Kevin, Chloe and by Lois and Sheriff Adams who had arrived in the meantime. Kevin erased the memory of the three in order to keep Clark's secret. By the radiation, Clark had regained his memory of the past, but had forgotten anything that had happened after his memory was wept. Kevin thanked Clark for his help, said goodbye and left.


  • Telepathy: Kevin possesses an ability to erase the last few minutes of someone's memory. However, in the case of Clark, Kevin's power caused a complete memory loss.


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