Born in Luton sometime around 1966, Kevin Hawkins lived a bland life consisting primarily of cheap sex and bad food until one night when, in the wake of an especially embarassing date, he saw a poster advertising for the British Army. Assured that Britain was not at war with anybody in 1986, he signed up.

Stint in the British Army

Shortly after, Hawkins was stationed in Belfast, right in the thick of the Troubles, particularly the post-Anglo-Irish Agreement violence. Though he hated his time in Nortern Ireland, he liked being in the army, especially because he found that the unifrom attacted women. This got him into trouble, however, when he was caught in bed with a married woman named Marjorie. Her husband Derek turned out to be an officer in the army, and became Kevin's commanding officer six months later. He then proceeded to make Kevin's life so miserable that the then-lance-corporal applied for SAS selection, as it was the only way to escape Derek's wrath without leaving the army. Though Derek fully expected Hawkins to wash out and come crawling back, a combination of natural aptitude and sheer will enabled Kev to prevail. And thus he entered Black Ops Hell.


Kev's time in the black ops is not terribly well-documented, but it is known that in 1991, his unit was sent to Iraq to retrieve a sex tape involving Margaret Thatcher and Saddam Hussein, resulting in them being bombed by US forces. One of Kev's mates, Tiny, was subsequently captured and tortured, while Kev himself was not able to mount a rescue. He would later come to deeply regret this.

In June of 1993, Kevin and his mates were loaned out to the Indian government to help take out drug smugglers from Pakistan. During this operation, Kev was nearly trampled by a wounded elephant, but was saved thanks to the intervention of Danny Redburn, who killed the elephant with a grenade launcher. When Danny later discovered a baby tiger hidden among the seized drugs, commanding officer Joe Sykes ordered him to kill it, which he apparently did.

In 1994, Kevin, Tiny, Bob, and Mick were assigned to neutralize four men who threatened negotiations between PIRA and the loyalist paramilitaries. The job went swimmingly up until they attempted to capture target #3, PIRA security agent Joe Farrell, and found him tied up next to target #4, a UVF hitman named Stevie White. It transpired that Farrell and White had a hardcore porn distribution businesss, and Farrell's fellow "provies" wanted in on the money, and so had kidnapped the two men to try and force them to reveal the location of the money. Farrell refused to tell about the scheme, and thus Bob shot him. The house was besieged by provies, and White was killed. Unable to get ahold of their superiors, Kevin and his mates were forced to burn Farrell's house down and steal a car to escape. The mission was a success, but Tiny felt betrayed after learning that their superiors denied them any backup.

Sometime after, Joe Sykes and Nosh Bailey were killed by members of the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda. Tiny was also involved in that mission and was forced to hide in a ditch beneath the bodies of his former commanding officers. Subsequently, Kev was promoted to the rank of Corporal. It was not a rank he would hold for long.

The Thing with the Tiger

In 1996, Kev was once again teamed with Danny Redburn when they were assigned to protect cabinet minister Roger Grivell during his inspection of the Regiment. Between Kev, Danny, Mad Cecil, and Wanky MacKenzie, the inspection itself was uneventful, but Grivell then demanded that Kev and his squadmates hire a prostitute for him, threatening to disband Kev's team if they refused. With no other recourse, Kev and Danny took the minister to Danny's house because it was out of the way, while Wanky and Cecil hired the prostitute. Though Danny was very unhappy with his house being used for prostitution, Kev felt sure that at least his job was safe - until paparazzi showed up at the house at the same time that Grivell managed to scare the prostitute away. The two events sent Kev scrambling to hide the minister, so he placed Grivell in the cellar of Danny's house... where there just happened to be a tiger. Shortly after, Kev learned that Danny had not killed the baby tiger he'd found three years earlier. He had kept it and raised it in England. He then informed Kev that he intended to take his tiger and leave the country. Too shell-shocked to do anything else, Kev helped Danny escape and took all the blame himself. Subsequently, he was transferred to MI5.

The Authority

In 2002, Kev got assigned the mission to kill the Authority, being handed an old gun and a device that would allow him to teleport to the Carrier. To the complete surprise of the Authority, who thought it was all a joke, the gun turned out to be capable of killing even the invulnerable Apollo and contained more bullets than it should have, and Kev killed the whole team in twelve seconds. Unfortunately, it turned out that he'd been assigned the mission by an alien masquerading as his boss, all to allow an invasion fleet to attack Earth. Kev then had to convince the sentient Carrier to reverse time to before the Authority died so they could handle the invasion, but before he could escape they discovered that he'd killed them. For a moment it seemed like he would escape unscathed (mainly by being completely pathetic), but an ill-timed remark about Apollo and the Midnighter as a "couple of poofs" earned him the beating of a life-time and Kev ended up in a hospital.

Two years later, Apollo and Midnighter were forced to contact Kevin again: it turned out the cabinet minister that was eaten had actually been an alien fugitive named B'eeef, and the alien Rukalai, who had just neutralised the rest of the Authority, were threatening to destroy the Earth if he wasn't handed over. Kev and his former SAS mates - Tiny, Mick and Bob - took them to the fetid swamp where Froggett dumped all his bodies, where B'eeef had regrown his head. The team captured B'eeef and defeated the zombies he'd reanimated, but Kev inadvertently made another attempt on the Authority's life when, coming across a nuclear bomb B'eeef had made, he chucked it through the open Shift-Door leading to the Carrier. The Midnighter, annoyed at the bomb destroying their belongings, later met with Kev and, after arguing with him, told him that the real reason he was a homophobe was because that's what he thought "tough guys" were like - that all his life, Kev had been letting others tell him how to think.

When a mysterious creature appeared on the Carrier in 2005 and took out the Authority by throwing pies at their faces, a heavily wounded Midnighter escaped the Carrier and landed in Britain, sending a request to British Intelligence to have Kev bring him in. Kev, already dealing with the recent suicide of Tiny, reluctantly went but was double crossed by Mick, who was shadowing him. Midnighter had expected this and gave Kev the password to the file Royal Oak; investigating later on, Kev discovered it was a plot to create superhumans for the British government, using the Midnighter's DNA, by experimenting on orphaned children; the attack on the Carrier had been the result of a computer virus planted by MI5 in order to capture one of the Authority. Kev went to save the Midnighter and the children and was confronted by Mick, and was shocked to hear that Mick doesn't care about any of this or even about the recent death of Tiny. Kev killed him in a rage and when his boss entered and commanded him to kill the Midnighter and the children, he shot her too.

Now a wanted man, he left the orphans (who were unbearable brats) at an orphanage and returned with the Midnighter to defeat the creature. Midnighter ordered the Carrier to purge the virus from its memory, revealing the creature to have really been Froggett, using the Carrier's own systems to transform himself into a creature capable of defeating the Authority. Midnighter gave Kev the chance to torture Froggett with a spiked baseball bat and afterwards they threw him out of an airlock. Kev returned to London to have a last drink before starting life on the run, with the Midnighter showing some grudging respect for him changing his ways.

A Man Called Kev

After being "fired" from his job, Kev is blackmailed into leaving the U.K. with an old pornographic movie he once filmed with a now famous porn star. If it were to be released, it would ruin any chances of him finding any work ever, so he agrees. His ex-teammate Bob gives him the address of Danny, now living in the United States. Bob was soon targeted and murdered by what appears to be a ninja. After arriving in the states, Kev finds his way to Danny, who is now a cannabis growing mountain man, living with his tiger and a woman named Zoe. Kev soon finds out that Zoe is the sister of Danny's lover and that Danny himself is gay. Kev and his friends soon learned about Bob's murder in which Kev realized that he is being targeted for his past connections to the Margaret Thatcher-Saddam Hussein sex tape by a Iraqi guard, who had watched the tape and encountered Kev and Bob, is now in a position of power, and wants anyone he thinks has a copy killed, Kev included. Danny is murdered in the ensuing battle, but Kev takes revenge by killing the ninja and executing the former guard one bullet at a time. He then leaves to begin a new life growing cannabis and caring for Danny's tiger with Zoe as his new girlfriend.



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