Kevin Trueblood was given the ability to transform into the "maxi-hero" Maximum Man by Indian fakirs by using the magic word "Hecatean".

During the Second World War, he teamed up with his longtime allies Mr. Majestic and The High to form The Big Three against the Axis Powers.

At some point he had an accident and forgot the magic word. He spent decades reading aloud from dictionaries in various languages trying to rediscover the word. Eventually, in order to stop Mayor Fury who had indirect ties to Mr. Articulate's death, his old foe, Henry Hate, told him the word again. He then made up for lost time by engaging in multiple sexual liaisons, including affairs with three married women.

Kevin as Maximum Man was approached by the Void who chose him as one of a few of Earth's heroes to be taken to the future to find out how to prevent Armageddon. Maximum Man learned from the future residents of Tranquility that the town was unaffected from the cataclysm but is the target of many posthumans who want what's left of the town's supplies and resources, and that many heroes and villains of the World War Two period that went missing reappeared unaged right during Armageddon. Unfortunately Maximum Man didn't have the chance to learn what caused Armageddon as he was whisked back to the present by Void before Tranquility is permanently teleported safely into another dimension by Salabal. Once arriving and reverted to the form of Kevin he cannot remember anything about his trip to the future.[1]

Kevin was later contacted by his old ally Majestic, who told him about Nemesis, Savant and Backlash's (Jodi Slayton) mission in averting Armageddon, which concerns the missing posthumans of World War Two. Kevin prevented a fight between Sheriff Tommy Lindo and Nemesis as Maximum Man, and took the three women to his home where he told them the history of the abundant and missing posthumans of his era (particularly the Paladins) and their fateful mission in Hiroshima, Japan, where they disappeared right as the atomic bomb was dropped (in reality they were abducted and forced into the Number of the Beast program).[2]

Following the eventual cataclysm known as the World's End Maximum Man was apparently teleported away along with Tranquility as chronicled in his journey to the future, and Gen 13 discovered a vacant area of that had once been Tranquility.[3]




  • Power Limitation: He cannot stay in his magical form indefinitely as his magic power will eventually run out in approximately two weeks, requiring him to return to his old true form and wait until his magical power is replenished.[4]

  • Maximum Man is obviously based on Captain Marvel and is used as an analogue for the good captain in the story.



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