Quote1 The Key can open any door. Too bad you didn't close them behind you. Quote2
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The Key is a cyborg who uses his technological enhancements and intelligence for criminal activities.

He claims that there is no computer on Earth that he can't access, nor is there any lock he can't unlock. In Gotham City, the Key broke into a secured building and stole valuable data which he stored in his cybernetic body. Before the Key could leave, Batman arrived on the scene, followed shortly by an anti-vigilante task force that was formed by District Attorney Harvey Dent. Batman escaped but the Key was apprehended.[1]

The Key was sent to Blackgate Penitentiary. Although the Key was incarcerated, Batman began to worry that other prisoners would target the Key for the important data that he stole. In order to get inside the prison to obtain the Key, Batman surrendered to Harvey Dent. Batman was arrested, though the authorities were unable to remove his cowl. Once inside the prison, Batman learned that a prisoner called Killer Croc had plans to kidnap the Key from within the prison. Killer Croc started a riot after capturing the Key. Following a fight between Killer Croc and Batman, the police managed to regain control over the prison but the Key, Batman, and Killer Croc all escaped custody.[1]

Some time after the incident, Batman began searching for the truth behind a man named Dane Lisslow. Batman was able to trace Lisslow to the Key, who was running a business on the black market, forging identities for customers. After interrogating the Key, Batman learned that Lisslow was a false identity used by Slade Wilson. Batman handcuffed the Key, leaving him for the police. The Key attempted to unlock the handcuffs, but was electrocuted due to a defense mechanism.[2]




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