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Quote1.png If this role is mine alone and despite whatever sacrifices I must accept, if I can help better this broken world...then let it be my fate! Quote2.png
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Khalid Ben-Hassin is the vessel of Nabu. As Doctor Fate, he is a member of the Wonders of the World.

Khalid, together with Kendra Munoz-Saunders was hired by the military (World Army) to find Nabu's tomb which brought them to Egypt. Under unclear circumstances, Kendra was suddenly gifted with wings while Khalid found the Helmet of Fate which contains the powers and essence of Nabu. When Khalid wore the helmet, he was imbued with the powers of Nabu. However, it also imbued him with the essence of Nabu. After removing the helmet Khalid experiences bouts of insanity. In order to keep the helmet, and in effect, its energy safe, Khalid ordered the helmet and its powers to go to where no one could ever get it, inside the Tower of Fate.

Wotan now seeks to make Nabu's power his own. Using the Flash's mother as leverage, Khalid and the Flash enter the Tower of Fate and encounters its guardian, the Great Beast

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  • Magic: Khalid is a powerful magician, whom even before his powers were bestowed upon him by Nabu, was one of the most knowledgeable people in the world in the field[1]. Possessing enough skill and talent that the ancient sorcerer eventually took notice[2]. The nature of Khalid's magic consists primarily of invocations meant to summon the powers of Egyptian Deities to his command [3]. Although he can cast spells normally by drawing upon more obscure sources his craft is empowered when he reaffirms his spells with evoked power.[2]
    • Deflection: Khalid is able to deflect energy attacks back at his opponents.[3]
    • Astral Projection: Khalid is able to project himself and others onto the astral plane.[3]
    • Telepathy: Khalid is able to read minds and mentally communicate with others.[3]
    • Telekinesis: Khalid is able to move objects or people with his mind.[2]
    • Flight: Khalid can engage in self-propelled flight through sheer force of will.[2]
    • Clairvoyance: Among the magical abilities bestowed upon Khalid is that of Clairvoyance. Khalid frequently has visions, whether of the future (precognition) or of things that occur elsewhere (retrocognition).[2]
    • Teleportation: Even without the aid of the Helmet of Nabu, Khalid is capable of teleportation, both of himself and others. While invoking Min, the God of Travelers, Khalid is capable of opening portals to separate dimensions. He's also demonstrated the ability to banish others to other dimensions by invoking Horus, the God of War.[3]
    • Energy Construct Creation: Khalid has been shown to be able to create energy-based constructs through his mystical powers.[1] Khalid can also summon mystical creatures to counter-attack magical attacks.[4].
    • Eldritch Blast: Khalid can summon blasts of destructive magical energy, he can empower these by invoking Menhit, the goddess of destruction.[3]
    • Photokinesis: By invoking the power of Horus, Khalid is able to generate large amounts of blinding light capable of disorientating or temporarily blinding his opponents.
    • Electrokinesis|Electromancy: Khalid has been shown to summon a bolt of lightning to strike the Beguiler. Charring her beyond recognition.[5]
      • Conjuration: Khalid is capable of conjuring powerful magical defenses that by invoking Wadjet, the goddess of protection, may increase in power. He can also restrain enemies with bindings of conjured iron.[3]
    • Healing; Khalid has shown the ability to rapidly heal himself and others, after most of the New Wonders were defeated by The Hunger Dogs.


Other Characteristics

  • Temporary Insanity: Whenever Khalid removes the Helmet of Nabu he becomes temporarily insane, due to the strain on his mind by wearing it.


  • Even without the Helmet of Nabu, Nabu constantly talks to Khalid mentally and Khalid appears to be a crazy person since he verbally answers Nabu.



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