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Khalid Nassour is the Egyptian-American medical student who was chosen by the Egyptian Gods to act as Doctor Fate. Currently, he is one of the core members of Justice League Dark.

The Blood Price

Khalid Nassour, born to his Egyptian father Muhammed Nassour and his mother Elizabeth Nassour, was an Egyptian-American med student living in the big streets of New York City. Two days before he was meant to start Med School after being fresh out of college, Khalid stumbled upon the Helmet of Fate after looking for a gift in the Brooklyn Museum. Khalid, believing himself to be on a bad acid trip at this point due to the Helm talking to him, he runs off and texts his girlfriend the next morning. Due to the torrential downpours and storms recently caused by Anubis, Khalid finds himself stuck at a train station and notices a young girl stuck on the train tracks. He helps her up, only to find himself face to face with the front end of a speeding subway train. By shouting “STOP!”, Khalid stops the train dead in its tracks, awed by how he had come to do this. Leaving the station awestruck, Khalid runs into his cat, Puck, now-possessed by the spirit of the Egyptian goddess Bastet. She speaks to him, eventually leading him back to the Helm in the museum, tempting him to wear it and become the champion. Putting on the Helmet, Khalid discovers the wild world of Magic, lifting himself through the airs by discovering his control over not just the winds, but multiple elements. Still believing himself to be “tripping”, Khalid takes off the helm as his father begins to call out for help, after his taxi being crushed by a car and ultimately blinded, despite Khalid’s efforts to save him from damage as he shows up quickly.

Now lifting his father through the air, Anubis strikes down a nearby aircraft. The young sorcerer fails to land the plane safely and quickly takes his father to the hospital. Discovering that his father has gone blind, Khalid eventually takes his father out from his burning hospital, and trades his sight to his father, causing Khalid to become blind in his place, but can use the Helm to see. Khalid soon approaches Anubis at a power plant where he draws energy from the electric element, but then dies. His soul now at the will of Anubis, his heart taken out and his soul being weighed, Thoth reaches out to Khalid and assists him with the Staff of Power, allowing him to defeat Anubis. In this Khalid becomes the ruler of the underworld, but refuses the position. Returning to his home, Khalid repairs some of the damage done by Anubis’ storms, trying his best to execute the Helm’s will, to “Heal the world”.

Prisoners of Past

Khalid would struggles communing with Nabu, going to one of his old professors for guidance. Amid a protest nearly turned into a riot, Khalid faces the issue of trying to cool down the heavily enraged protesters and tries to help out one of his friends caught in the crossfire. After saving her and her friends, he soon meets his great uncle Kent Nelson, who begins to slightly mentor him in the ways of magic. He explains to Khalid how magic isn’t all the same for everyone, and how it's kind of DIY. Nonetheless, through the detective work they do try to get to the bottom of why creatures such as Afreet from the Duat are escaping, Khalid does pick up a few tricks. The pair soon figure out that Osiris had been behind the undead risings such as Mummys and ghosts of Julius Caesar.

After deeming that Khalid should live, despite him having died, Kent continues to train Khalid as his apprentice.[1]

The Lords of Order

 Main article: Justice League Dark: Lords of Order

After the events of DC Metal and the appearance of the Tree Of Wonder, Khalid was studying and meditating with Kent as he conversed with Nabu, who suggested his idea: wiping out all magic on Earth to restore Order. At night, Kent sleepwalked and grabbed the Helm at the order of Nabu, who took control of his body as Doctor Fate. As a witness, Khalid was soon turned into a vase, left in the Tower of Fate until the visit from the Justice League Dark, which was then knocked over and cracked by Man-Bat. Released temporarily, Khalid hurried to explain that he was trapped and who he was, before being reformed into the clay sculpture. Curious, Man-Bat began to learn magic and was eventually able to free Khalid from the vase. Khalid then fought alongside the Justice League Dark in the war against the Lords of Order, and after their victory, decided to don the Helm and become Doctor Fate in the siege of Circe against their base of operations.


  • Magic: Khalid is a proficient user of magic, his lineage to ancient Egyptian pharaohs granting him mystic affinity without the use of the Helm of Fate.[2] After being trained by Kent Nelson, Detective Chimp noted Khalid to be the only sorcerer in Justice League Dark besides Zatanna able to transport into Other Place under the right conditions, a testament to his power.[3]
    • Cosmic Awareness: Khalid is one of the few people aware of the Fourth Wall concept. He can also use his magic to open other people's inner eyes to see the fourth wall.[4]
    • Blood Magic: Khalid can powers his abilities by using his own blood. Due to his pharaoh lineage, magic powered by his blood is unusually power and combined with the Helm of Fate's energies, it enables him to damage other divine beings (i.e Anubis).[5]
    • Merlin's Spellcraft: Among the repertoire of spells learned by Khalid during his apprenticeship with Kent Nelson includes the very same spell-craft used by famous magician, Merlin.[6]
      • Merlin Binding Spell: Supporting other sorcerers, Khalid was able to cast a spell that bound Nabu into his Helm of Fate, disallowing him to operate independently without a host.[6]
    • Egyptian Magic: Khalid can cast this form of magic while wielding the Helm of Fate, able to invoke supernatural effects by speaking it's language. His proficiency in this form of magic on his own is currently unknown.[7]
    • Mandarin Light Spell: With the help of Kent Nelson he has been able to release a blast of blinding light capable of disintegrating an entire coven of vampires; this spell is casted in the Mandarin Chinese language.[8]
    • Telekinesis: Khalid once stopped a train by speaking the command "stop", causing the train to halt in it's tracks.[9]
    • Eldritch Blast: Khalid can release blasts of magical energy powerful enough to incinerate two vampire with a single shot.[8]
    • Dimensional Travel
    • Chronokinesis: Khalid can stop time without the helm for two minutes.[10]
    • Flight[8]


  • Medical Science: As a former EMT, Khalid has been trained to provide emergency treatments.[11] He would later study at Weill Cornell Medicine.[12]
    • Medicine: As a med student, Khalid has a certain amount of skill with medicine to a unknown degree.[12]
  • Multilingualism: Khalid is able to speak English, Mandarin Chinese[8], and the Egyptian language.[7]
  • Occultism: Khalid was the protégé of Kent Nelson, the previous Doctor Fate whom was considered to be one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world.[13] He would later become formidable in his own right.[14]
  • Expert Combatant: Even when limited in power, Khalid has shown he's capable of defending himself in battle. Such as when he fought out dozens of demons alongside the Flash.[15]


  • Vulnerability to Divine Forces: Powers and magic derived from divine sources can disrupt some of the powers granted to him through the Helment of Fate; his healing powers were disrupted after being dealt damage by Anubis.[5]
  • Blindness (Formerly): Anubis took Khalid's sight after Khalid healed his father's blindness. However, this is negated when he is wearing the Helmet of Fate and he eventually recovered his sight after defeating Anubis.


  • Helmet of Fate: Granted by Bastet, the Helmet previously belonged to Nabu who was a scholar of Thoth and one of the original Lords of Order (among the most powerful sorcerers of history). The Helmet contains the will, personality, power and knowledge of Nabu, and thanks to the artifact the wearer can communicate with Nabu himself. The Helmet also grants the wearer various skills:
    • Elemental Control: Khalid can manipulate the elements of Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, and Fire, channeling these natural energies through his body and the environment. He was able to redirect electricity, open a rupture in the ground, summon powerful currents of air and manipulate the tide of the sea.
    • Telekinesis: Khalid can move and bend objects using just his willpower, for example to restrain and trap an opponent.
    • Phasing: Khalid can become temporarily intangible, an ability he has used to phase through walls and floors, and to avoid being damaged by direct attacks (such as missiles).
    • Self-Healing: While donning the Helmet, Khalid is able to magically recover from wounds at incredible speed, although wounds inflicted with by magical or divine beings may not benefit of this ability.
    • Location Spell: Khalid can create a ball of light linked to the "essence" of an individual he knows. The sphere moves toward the individual, allowing Khalid to locate them.
    • Mystic Perception: While wearing the Helmet, Khalid can see magical beings and entities that are not visible to the ordinary human eye. He can also "smell" and "taste" magic, identifying its nature.
    • Energy Construct Creation: While using Egyptian magic under the Helm, Khalid was able to create chains to bind and trap a target.[3]
  • Amulet of Anubis


  • According to the interview with Paul Levitz, Khalid's age during the Doctor Fate series is expressed to be 22 years old.[16]
  • As a med student, Khalid has a unknown undergraduate bachelors degree.[12]
  • Khalid is considered one of the most powerful magicians on Earth.[14]
  • Khalid sees souls in the form of a ba.[5]
  • Stitch is currently Khalid's apprentice.[17]



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