Quote1 Get a grip, Khalid Nassour. You can play schitzo later. If this isn't a dream, it's a real life nightmare. And you seem to be the only one who can do anything about it. Man up. Quote2
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Khalid Nassour is an Egyptian-American student who became Doctor Fate.

Khalid was hoping to find a gift for his sister in the Brooklyn Museum when suddenly the statue of Bastet held out its hand and gave him the Helmet of Fate. When he put on the helmet, Khalid transformed into the latest Doctor Fate.

As Doctor Fate, Khalid used his power for the good of others and even healed his father's blindness. However, Anubis took Khalid's sight in return, but he could still see when he put the Helmet back on. When Anubis started to attack the world with storms, Khalid confronted him at a power plant, where he was given the Staff of Power, and defeated him.[1]

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  • Medicine: Khalid is a med student and has a certain amount of skill with medicine.
  • Occultism


  • Blindness(Formerly): Anubis took Khalid's sight after Khalid healed his father's blindness. However, this is negated when he is wearing the Helmet of Fate.


  • Helmet of Fate: Granted by Bastet, the Helmet previously belonged to Nabu who was a scholar of Thoth. It grants the wearer the knowledge and powers of an Egyptian god.
    • Elemental Control: Khalid can manipulate the elements of Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, and Fire.




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