Tefibi is a member of Stormwatch Team Achilles.

Khalid Tefibi is a highly skilled Egyptian-American computer nerd. His past is shady and not very well known, but it has been established he's a former I.O. member trained in electronic warfare and critical systems assault. Benito Santini almost certainly met him while they both were working for I.O.

At one point, though, Tefibi's career went very, very wrong. He was manipulated by Ivana Baiul, who under a false name told him she wanted him to run a check on computer security at the Pentagon by infiltrating their systems and destroying the files of various clandestine, very black projects. Tefibi did a superb job, single handedly compromising the Pentagon's systems to their core and destroying vast amounts of data, erasing several unmentionable projects and causing a lot of chaos in Pentagon operations, including a wargame that was being run in Germany.

Tefibi didn't cover his tracks particularly well and was arrested as he was writing his report on security holes at the Pentagon. When he explained the situation, it was revealed the I.O. agent he was mentioning had never existed, and he went down very hard. He spend several years in the extremely harsh and dangerous penitentiary at Pelican Bay, and emerged a changed man.

Santini, however, hadn't forgotten Tefibi. He was among the first persons Santini hired for the new Stormwatch, and the third, after Santini and Blake Coleman, to start drawing pay and working as an UN agent. Along with Grunier and later Barak, he is at the core of the support team for Santini's yahoos.

At one point, Tefibi was kidnapped by Ivana Baiul's teams, as she was now the head of a Homeland Security agency; he was swiftly declared an enemy combatant. Baiul, however, didn't know that her data on Barak was out of date, and that the Stormwatch agent was no longer a little level eight telepath but closer to level 3 or 2. The telepathic booby traps engineered by Barak in Tefibi's mind, without Tefibi's knowledge, allowed Tefibi to escape.

After Team Achilles left the UN's employ after the Authority's coup d'Etat, Santini called in markers with a Golden Age hero, the Magneteer. The Magneteer being a legend in the techno-nerd community, Tefibi was enthusiastic about meeting a childhood hero. He and the Magneteer got along so well that the wartime legend eventually allowed Tefibi to use his armour.


  • Genius Level Intellect: Tefibi is an out of shape tech without much in the way of people skills - but he's a genius in a large number of fields, mostly having to do with computers and guns. He can handle pretty much any technical matter, but his real loves are being a computer geek and a weapon systems nerd.
    • Mechanical Aptitude: Tefibi has built numerous advanced weapon systems which allow Team Achilles to successfully engage powerful superhumans - those are detailed in the relevant entries for Team Achilles members.
    • Computer Hacking: His research and computer skills probably make him among the five top hackers in the Wildstorm universe - the only thing he couldn't penetrate was Halo Technologies, and he also had problems with Bendix's genius-level security and encoding of his files. Everything else is easy - he even hacked the Authority's carrier ship, though this was only possible with ultra-powerful computers using alien tech. Another achievement was locating the super-secret meeting room used by the United Nations Special Security Council, allowing Santini to turn the tables on them and have them executed on the spot.



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