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Khara was a chaldean temple dancer, who fell in love with the angel Araquel.

From their union was born their daughter Nikki. The mission of Araquel was to take care of Timothy Hunter, but as he was unable to do it, she and her daughter take into themselves the mission.[1]

Khara and Nikki took care of Tim Hunter, preventing Sir Timothy Hunter to change the future to his future, among other things. For this Barbatos kidnapped the women, and made Araquel do dummy missions for their return. She and her daughter were rescued by Sir Timothy Hunter, and later she reunited with her husband.

Khara kept helping Tim Hunter in what she could, but Araquel, noticing the damage that he was putting his family, decided to leave the common house, leaving with a letter for Khara to find. She and her daughter left Timothy Hunter and the walking world to their problems after that.[2]



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