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Quote1.png A dark and dismal world, perpetually ECLIPSED from its sun by its own moon. The native race is humanoid to seven decimal points of classification... but close contact is NOT recommended. The military junta that commands the Khund Empire uses the city of YAGOTHA in the trans-coastal mountains as its capital. Little, if any, energy is expended on LIGHTING the perpetually dark city. Inhabitants are taught that it is SAFER that way. The few habitable areas of the planet's surface are NOTABLE for their massive population density. Population per meter reaches levels known to cause PSYCHOTIC BEHAVIOR, possibly accounting for the warlike culture. Quote2.png
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Khundia is the homeworld of the Khunds. It is a dark world perpetually eclipsed by its own moon, and Khundia suffers from massive overpopulation. The resultant global tension has been funneled by the Khunds into a massive planetary army.[1]


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