Quote1.png Firstly, this is not a hotel! Abode was purchased recently for purposes of experimentation! I allowed you to remain to avoid arousing your suspicions! I am Doctor Kichung! Quote2.png
Doctor Kichung src

Doctor Kichung was an enemy of Tex Thomson.

In the late 1930s, in his fake hotel outside the oriental city of Sung-Wei, Doctor Kichung developed the surgical technique to transplant a living man's brain into a living ape. Across the river from his compound, the nearby jungle afforded him an ample supply of these great apes. He employed his altered apes to capture more human brain donors.

In an accidental encounter with international adventurers Tex Thomson and Bob Daley, and missionary Alicia Stockton, Doctor Kichung's operation was exposed. Thomson, Daley, and Stockton were all slated for interspecies brain transplant surgery, but escaped by boat into the jungle. There they found the large native apes in a warlike humor, and quickly returned to compound, where they were recaptured. Escaping again, they bore witness as a howling troop of apes charged out of the jungle and overran Kichung's compound. They killed Kichung's ape servants, and had just set upon Kichung himself when he managed to set off a devastating explosion, destroying dozens of apes along with his fake hotel and himself.




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