Kieran Calahan was a barker working at Colonel Brand's Traditional Family Carnival. During one of their performances on the outskirts of Gotham City, Kieran's friend and member of the carnival's crew, Mitchel "Dog-Faced Boy" Tom John was found dead on the back of the tent. Calahan organized the rest of the crew to find the truth about his friend's demise as the police wouldn't provided any help.[1]

Calahan went to the Gotham Morgue along with Firestone, the strong man and Rose, the contorsionist. They discovered that according to the authopsy performed on TomJohn's body, he wasn't killed by the wooden pulley, as the police stated on the scene. When they return to the carnival, they learned that a man called Christopher Rowley had been in contact with TomJohn before his death.[2]

Kalahan led the crew on a quest to abduct Rowley and get answers from the man. They succeeded and took the man to the outskirts of Gotham, where they questioned the man and learned that he knew TomJohn but that he wasn't responsible for his death. Rowley was then killed by a shooter that also shot Kalahan on the shoulder and he was forced to take the crew away from the scene, with the police looking for them.[3]

They escaped from the police and went straight to the carnival, where Colonel Brand told everyone to be left alone with Calahan on his trailer so he can take the bullet from his arm. However, Brand's true intention was to kill Calahan. Calahan struggles and he is rescued by the rest of the crew, who had discovered that Brand was the true killer. Calahan punched Brand with such strength that he broke the man's neck and killed him immediately. After this events, Calahan was arrested and found guilty for the abduction of Rowley and the death of Colonel Brand, but he accepts his imprisonment knowing that justice has been done.[4]


  • Charisma: As a professional barker, Kieran has perfected the art of appealing to the public with just his speaking skills.
  • Leadership: Kieran is the leader of the Carnival's crew, who follow his best judgement without hesitation.



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