Hook was a New Blood hero and member of the Blood Pack.

Kieron Masterson was a down-on-his-luck blind veteran who lost his arm in the Vietnam War, and took to begging in Seattle for lack of any better means of employment. He was imbued with special powers when his metagene was activated by an alien Parasite known as Lissik attempting to feed on his spinal fluids.[1]

Years later, he was killed by Prometheus while attempting to stop a bank robbery.[2]


As Hook, Kieron Masterson gained the ability to charge his hook-hand with plasma-like energy that could cut through most anything with ease. He also gained a form of infrared radar sight, which allowed him to see heat signals. His costume seems to manifest much in the same way as his energy hook.



  • In his first appearance, he is described by Oliver Queen as being 5'9", 160 pounds and about 40 years old.[1]


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