Kilg%re was an electro-mechano-organic intelligence created on another planet which possessed advanced cybernetic technology.

Kilg%re came to Earth to expand the dominion of mechanical perfection by destroying humanity. He learnt that he could control the primitive mechanical and electrical devices of Earth. Kilg%re spent so long on Earth that he was eventually able to speak ever human language fluently. He fought members of the Justice League multiple times until he was defeated and deactivated.[1]


  • Electrokinesis Kilg%re is able to control and manipulate all forms of electricity on Earth, no matter where it originates from.[1]
    • Electropathy: Kilg%re can use his manipulation of electricity to read minds. He does this by sensing the electricity powering the neural network firing the synapses in a persons brain which ultimately correlates into a person's thoughts.[1]
  • Mechanokinesis: As well as being able to control an electrical outlet on Earth, Kilg%re is able to manipulate any mechanical device as well. He was able to make a crane move without touching it.[1]
    • Robot Body: Using his mechanokinesis, Kilg%re has built himself a powerful robotic body. Kilg%re's body is fully made up of advanced technologies and weapons. These advanced robotics give Kilg%re an instant edge in any battle.[1]
      • Superhuman Strength: Kilg%re's robot body affords a strength level far superior to any ordinary human. He can lift a one-ton car with ease, as well as manhandle the hero Cyborg.[1]
      • Flight: Kilg%re's mechanical body possesses jets on the back. This means he is able to fly or hover unaided by anyone or anything.[1]
      • Technomorphosis: Kilg%re is able to manipulate his body to take various different shapes. While he usually takes the form of a mechanical behemoth he has been able to manipulate his form to resemble a giant mechanical centipede-like creature.[1]



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