Killa was a humanoid gorilla-man and one of the many genetically evolved experiments conducted by Project Moreau in the 1940s.

He resided on an uncharted island called the Wild Lands and was the leader of an army of fighting apes located at the Gorilla Fortress, souteast of the capital city of Roam.

Kill and his followers were in league with the evil bat-woman Nosferata and conspired to murder the reigning monarch, Great Caesar. Killa's initial attempt to murder Caesar was prevented by the untimely arrival of Superboy, who at the time, was bereft of his powers and memory.

Soon after, Superboy's powers and memories returned and he came to blows with Killa, but the giant ape was unable to match Superboy's strength.

Killa then led a gorilla battalion in an attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor. Superboy returned to Hawaii, and along with his colleague Guardian, repelled the ape invaders. Killa was apprehended.






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