Killalla was an Oan woman from a time when the universe was starting to harbor life. She was one of the five "priest-artist-police-entities" who are able to harness the green glowing force called "The Glow" through their will and hearts, using it to show them the universe. Killalla experimented with her powers to having The Glow to accompany her into her dreams, where she first encountered Dream of the Endless. Instantly, the two fell in love with each other.

Killalla was invited by Dream to a meeting of astronomical phenomena, consisting of delegates of the very stars, galaxies, and dimensions which comprise the cosmos, and the Endless. Killalla initially assumed that the gathered beings are aliens until realizing that they are the raw living aspects of the universe. This discovery overwhelmed her and especially putting severe doubts in her relationship with Dream, who will outlive her natural life. Killalla was unknowingly manipulated by Dream's sibling Desire to drive a wedge in their relationship, leading to her encounter with Oa's star, Sto-Oa, and falling into his arms while in the presence of Dream.

When Killalla died, Sto-Oa bring her into his interior, to burn inside the heart of the star and comfort him through the long night.




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