Killer Moth was a scientist who used his mutant moths to threaten Jump City.

He had a daughter named Kitten whose boyfriend had stood her up by not taking her to her junior prom, and so had her father blackmail Robin into taking her boyfriend's place. While Kitten had control of her father's mutant moths through a remote control that she threatened to use if Robin did not do what she wanted with him, Killer Moth remained in his underground laboratory at home and attacked Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven as they visited the lab. When Starfire had ruined Kitten's dress, she unleashed the mutant moths, but with Robin destroying the remote control, the moths had turned back into harmless larvae. Killer Moth was turned over to the authorities along with Kitten and her boyfriend Fang, who showed up at the prom to deal with Robin.

Sometime later, as Starfire left an overgrown moth larva named Silkie on a desert island to prevent him from destroying the Titans Tower with his voracious appetite, Killer Moth found Silkie and mutated him into a giant moth that attacked the city. The Teen Titans knocked down both Killer Moth and Silkie, and as Killer Moth and Starfire both tried to persuade the mutant moth into accepting either as his main caretaker, he became confused to the point where his mutant moth form exploded, reverting back into a harmless larva. Killer Moth was again turned over to the authorities along with Johnny Rancid.



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