Following the death of the first Killer Moth, Drury Walker, multiple people took over the mantle.

One year after the apparent death of Drury Walker, a new Killer Moth robbed a jewelry store, only to be thwarted and defeated by Robin.[1]

Later, the same unknown criminal was involved by the new Ventriloquist in her campaign against The Penguin, along with Firefly and Lock-Up. They were all eventually defeated by the New Rogues, and then severely wounded by Tobias Whale's 100.[2][3][4][5]

Killer Moth was hired by Prometheus to kidnap and torture The Atom's assistant, Mike Dante. He was later himself tortured by Palmer into giving up the name of his employer. [6]

He was eventually again defeated by Tim Drake, this time adopting the mantle of Red Robin, while on the run from Ray Palmer, after the events of Cry For Justice.[7]





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