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Killer Shark is the name of several villains of the Blackhawk Squadron, both during the war and the decades after.

In order of publication, the first Killer Shark was a pirate who controlled an organization of pilots and sailors who flew fish-shaped vehicles. During Quality Comics' run, he was the most recurring villain of the Blackhawks. After DC took over Quality and its titles, Killer Shark (1957) showed up again. He took a liking to Lady Blackhawk (Zinda Blake), and with the help of narcotics, he made her his "Queen Killer Shark". After Lady Blackhawk was transported to the present in Zero Hour, the pirate's grandson also adopted the name Killer Shark (2008).

A wholly unrelated Killer Shark (1984) was the German general Haifisch. During World War II, he was administered a super serum, granting him superhuman strength and longevity.

The villain King Shark is sometimes erroneously referred to as Killer Shark.

Killer Shark was created by an unknown writer and artist Reed Crandall, first appearing in Blackhawk #50 (1952)

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