The Killer Shark was a costumed pirate who used the shark as his theme.

Killer Shark, whoever he was, wore a fin on his head, had sharp teeth, and he roved the world, preying on commercial shipping. His real identity was never found out.



  • Killer Shark and his hench-pilots flew in submersible jet fighters, enabling them to escape (at first) from conventional pursuit planes.[1]
  • He later developed an array of submersible mechanical monsters and artificial whales and other bizarre vehicles.[2]
  • Killer Shark clashed with Blackhawk on five occasions, making him the most persistent and durable of all Blackhawk villains, and it's not even close. Even Hauptman Von Tepp only came back one time.
  • His lair was an limestone cavern, thru which the ocean flowed like a river.[3]



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