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Quote1.png My name is Kilowatt. I am a Teen Titan of two worlds, two different realities: the one right here, right now, and the one you don't want to know... Quote2.png
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Kilowatt is an electric-based superhero from another dimension that became a member of the extended roster of the Teen Titans.

The hero known as Kilowatt was a Teen Titan in an alternate reality overrun by robot commandos. His team consisted of Mirage, Nightwing, and Battalion.

One day, Kilowatt was overrun by enemies and cried out; his scream echoed through the multiverse, reaching Raven in another dimension. Raven used her powers to create a portal and saved Kilowatt, inviting him to join the extended roster of their Teen Titans team. Kilowatt agreed and helped the Titans defeat the Brotherhood of Evil.

After the climactic battle, Raven agreed to send Kilowatt back to his home dimension but misjudged her power, accidentally sending him to the wrong reality, which was inhabited by the Teen Tyrants. The Tyrants captured Kilowatt and held him hostage, again causing the electric hero to seek the help of Raven. Raven discovered her mistake and sent her Titans into a portal to rescue Kilowatt from the Teen Tyrants.

With the help of Herald, Raven successfully sent Kilowatt back to his dimension, reuniting him with his Teen Titans to save the world from robot commandos. [1]


  • Electrokinesis: Kilowatt possesses the superhuman ability to manipulate, generate, and discharge energy projections as either lightning or electricity from his hands or other parts of his body. He also possesses control over electric fields, electric charges, electric currents, electronics, and electromagnetism.



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