Quote1.png Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Kilowog. The man of a thousand talents. Quote2.png
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Kilowog was a Green Lantern from Bolovax Vik and a good friend to John Stewart.

He was present at his trial at Ajuris-5, and fought alongside Katma Tui, Galius Zed and Arkkis Chummuck at Ranstad-7.

He was a gifted scientist in the field of thermodynamics. He assisted the Justice League in taking down Despero and raiding the Flame of P'ytar with J'onn J'onnz and Flash. After Despero's fall, he helped rebuild Kalanor.

Kilowog joined the pursuit of Amazo to Earth after the android had seemingly destroyed Oa.


  • Indomitable Will
  • Science: Kilowog was an expert on thermodynamics.
  • Superhuman Digestion: Kilowog could eat anything and declare it delicious - whether it was a bucket of ice-cream (with bucket and all) or a VHS tape.


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