Kilowog is a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

Kilowog was called back to Oa by Ganthet to lead a group of Corpsmen to Earth to apprehend Superman for his overt rule over the planet. He was also forced to arrest his former student, Hal Jordan, for being loyal to Superman and relinquishing his power ring.

Kilowog and his squadron soon arrived on Earth and confronted Superman, telling him to surrender peacefully. However, Superman refused and had the Watchtower fired on the Lanterns. Kilowog and his squadron survived the bombardment and proceeding to attack Superman and his allies. The battle only quickly exacerbated by the unexpected arrival of Thaal Sinestro and his Sinestro Corps, who came to support Superman. Greatly outnumbered, Kilowog and his Corpsmen surrendered and held prisoner by Superman and Sinestro.

While under captivity, Kilowog observed the tenuous alliance between Superman's Regime and the Sinestro Corps in which the two sides argued over executing the Green Lanterns. Kilowog chose this opportunity to snidely remark on the Regime's association with the likes of the Sinestro Corps. Unfortunately, Kilowog's words provoke Sinestro Corpsman Arkillo to constrict him with several yellow constructs. Superman intervenes and forces Sinestro to call off Arkillo. Superman then demands the Green Lanterns to removing their rings in exchange for being humanely detained. Although Kilowog initially refused to follow Superman's demands, he finally relents for the sake of his comrades' lives. The arrest of Kilowog and his comrades provoked the Green Lantern Corps to declare war on Superman and his Regime in which it ultimately led to their defeat.

Following the defeat, Kilowog was among the surviving Green Lanterns that were imprisoned in The Trench. Two years later, the superhero Plastic Man helped Kilowog and the other inmates to cause a jailbreak. But before they could escape, Kilowog was tragically killed by Sinestro.[1]






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