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Kim Liang was a friend of Jim Corrigan.

Kim Liang was a frustrated administrator at an insurance agency until she quit her job and was recruited by Madame Xanadu to assist Jim Corrigan in his role as The Spectre.[1] Her role was initially to watch Corrigan's body when the Spectre left it to conduct his missions of vengeance. Eventually Corrigan began to resume working as a private detective in between missions and she became his receptionist.[2] The two developed a romantic relationship[3][4] and Kim would eventually assist Corrigan in solving cases.[5][6]

When Madame Xanadu's parlor was attacked by the Cult of the Blood Red Moon, Kim worked with Jim and Spectre to revert the dark magic they had used on Xanadu.[7][8] Unfortunately, Kim fell victim of the Cult's magic as well and she was trapped inside a crystal sphere alongside a demon that intended to kill her. The Cult was stopped by Spectre and after Kim was rescued by Jim, he confessed his love for her.[9][10]

Much later it was revealed that Kim Liang was actually an alternate form of Madame Xanadu she magically created as part of an elaborate plan to seduce the Spectre and steal his powers.