Kim Süskind was a member of The Four.

Kim Süskind was the daughter of a German rocket scientist, who was a part of Nazi Germany's brain trust, and Randall Dowling's lover. She is described as the most dangerous of the Four, capable of instantly bursting people's heads. She, too, along with Randall, was killed in their meeting with Elijah Snow due to a well-laid trap set by him, whereby Süskind fell to her death when Elijah summoned a shiftship from the ground beneath them.


  • Invisibility: Süskind has the ability to become invisible at will.
  • Invisible Force-Field Generation: Süskind is able to generate invisible force-fields. She uses her force-field powers in inventive and ruthless ways: Snow has seen her explode people from within, and she has been seen projecting her force-field with dangerous, potentially impaling spikes.[1]



Special Helmet

  • Kim Süskind is a parallel to Marvel's Invisible Woman. But unlike her Marvel Comics counterpart, Süskind cannot see when she is invisible (consistent with physics, light passes right through her eyes), and must wear special goggles to get around.
  • Her physical appearance is apparently based on the X-Files character Dana Scully.
  • Süskind may be named after real-life physicist Leonard Susskind, who is considered the father of String Theory.



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