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Kim Tran was a Green Lantern based in Coast City. Before she passed away, she passed on her position to her grandson, Tai Pham.

Tran was a Green Lantern since at least her immigration from Vietnam to the United States of America, using her powers to help her fellow immigrants make the dangerous journey. Much of her known history wasn't so much fighting villains, but instead helping her community in whatever way she could, becoming a friend to countless individuals in her neighborhood. As a Green Lantern, she was considered a mentor-like figure to many new recruits according to John Stewart and aided in the battles against Sinestro. In her final days, Tran decided to pass her ring onto her grandson, Tai Pham, noting his bravery and lack of fear after their place of business was the target of a hate crime.

After her death, her spirit helped guide Pham in his early days as a Green Lantern.





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