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Kim Yale (b. November 22, 1953 – d.March 7, 1997) was an American comic book creator and wife of fellow writer John Ostrander.

Professional History

She worked on Deadshot (Volume 1), Suicide Squad (Volume 1) and Manhunter (Volume 1) with her husband. She also developed Barbara Gordon into Oracle.

Personal History

Kim passed away from breast cancer in 1997 at only 43 years of age. She had written about her battle against cancer in the comics buyer's guide.

Her husband dedicated a small caption to her while she was still alive at the end of Spectre (Volume 3 44) which read: "Dedicated to Kim Yale, my partner, my best friend, my wife who keeps opening my eyes." In the issue the Spectre has to deal with the incarnation of the rage of women.

She was involved in Friends of Lulu, a non-profit organization made to support women in comics. After her passing, they named an award after her, the "Kimberly Yale award for Best New Talent". It was awarded from 1997 to 2009.

Work History

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