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Quote1.png Anyway, so that's when I learned to operate heavy machinery by touch so I could smack angels. Quote2.png
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Kim Rebecki was hired by a mysterious benefactor to find Mitchell Shelley.

Kim was eventually able to find him purely by chance at a Metropolis public library. When Kim touched Shelley her powers of Psychometry told her that he was a good and decent man, and not at all the man she was lead to believe he was.

At that moment The Butcher, a Necromancy practicing bounty hunter crashed into the library. Butcher was also on the hunt for Shelly. Shelly and Butcher fought it out and eventually Shelly won when Butcher self destructed from absorbing Shelly's life force. But before Kim Rebecki was able to help Shelly escape, he was shot in the head by Deadshot as he and his Suicide Squad team crashed through the Library ceiling.

Kim is taken to the head quarters of the Suicide Squad and held captive by Amanda Waller. Waller wants to use Kim as leverage against Mitch Shelley. Not long afterwards Shelly arrives using one of his new super powers to control Deadshot only to find the rest of the Suicide Squad standing in their way. Waller can't let it look too easy - she can't let Mitch realize that she wants him there. So, the Squad attacks Mitch. Watching with Waller, Kim proposes a deal. She has Waller let her go, and runs outside to convince Mitch to let Deadshot go, and transform back into his human form. Mitch trusts her, so he resumes his flesh and blood form, only to be shot in the head by Waller. With Mitch incapacitated, Waller has her scientists cut off one of his hands, and then lets him go with Kim, as agreed.

Using Mitch Shelley's new shadow-based powers, he and Kim Rebecki follow her psychometric trail to the place they believe to be the Lab - a place important to understanding Mitch's past. Though they hope it is the Lab, Kim's abilities aren't pin-point accurate; she merely saw the place when she touched Mitch. After sneaking inside the building Kim accidentally sets off a trip wire activating a series of mechanical security measures. After a short battle Kim and Shelly are able to shutdown the machines. Moving further into the base they realize its actually the hidden lab of Shelly's friend Darryl who had been taken to the real Lab days back. Kim learns Daryl has a tracking device implanted in his body, and they could follow the signal to him and to the real Lab. But before they can do so Suriel and a small army of angels arrive to take Shelly to heaven. In shock of what she is seeing Kim still manages to help Shelly fend off the attack. Only to have a representative of Hell named Outcast show up to claim Shelly. Shelly makes a deal with both sides to give him a week to find answers then he will submit to which ever side claims him first. They all agree and Kim soon finds herself once again on the road with Shelly as they attempt to track down Daryl, The Lab and all the answers to Shelly's past.


  • Psychometry: The ability to have visions or emotional impressions by touching objects or people.