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Quote1 Everything that's happened. Everything he did. And I still use his damn name? Quote2
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Kimiyo Hoshi is the second Doctor Light, and was a member of the Justice League.

Early Career

Kimiyo Hoshi was initially empowered during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, given a direct link to the The Light of Creation by the Monitor. During the Crisis, she spent time on the Monitor's satellite, a period which she later struggled to recall.[1]

While operating as a hero, she was a member of the Justice League International.

At some point, she married the retired and seemingly-penitent supervillain Arthur Light, the original Doctor Light and her namesake. They both retired to the Washington, D.C. suburb of Rochville.

Eventually, her husband was hired by A.R.G.U.S. and later seemingly killed by Superman; in actuality, the entire situation was arranged by the triple-agent Atomica.[2]

New 52

Forever Evil

In the Washington, D.C. suburb of Rochville, Kimiyo is reluctant to follow the instructions of Agent Cale of A.R.G.U.S. when it was his organization that got her husband Arthur killed. It's been just hours since the Crime Syndicate caused a global blackout, and following two incidents at A.R.G.U.S.-One, she feels she and her three children would be safer at home than at the A.R.G.U.S. safehouse Steve Trevor has arranged for her. Her arguing is interrupted when her daughter Emma rushes in, claiming that her father told her they won't have to leave. Confused, Kimiyo follows her into the living room, where her husband Arthur stands - alive, but changed.

Pushing Kimiyo aside, Agent Cale attempted to arrest Arthur, but his flesh was burned away as Arthur warned him not to touch his wife. Drawing back, Arthur was horrified to see just how powerful he was, not having intended to kill anyone. Worriedly, Kimiyo gathers their children to her, warning them to stay away from their father. Understanding that he was a danger to them, Arthur begged them not to fear him, and disappeared suddenly.[2]


Heroes in Crisis

Though Arthur survived in an altered state and returned to his previous criminal behavior, the pair did not reconnect. Over time, Kimiyo began acting as a hero under the name 'Doctor Light' once again.

Kimiyo eventually grew disgusted with her former marriage to Arthur and sharing his alias, troubled that after 'everything he did' she still used his name. She spent some time at Sanctuary, and recorded those feelings in a confessional.[3]

Infinite Frontier

Dark Crisis

Kimiyo was present for the Battle at the Hall of Justice during Pariah's attack. During the early stages, she was recruited by Robin alongside Sideways and Power Girl for a secret mission into the depths of the multiverse; the group was accidentally accompanied by Red Canary.

Kimiyo Hoshi Prime Earth 002

Doctor Light's new form

Attempting to trace Pariah's dark chains to their source, they first used Sideways' ability to travel to Earth-53, which they discovered to be stripped clean of line, home only to a massive Cosmic Tuning Fork and an army of Shadow Demons. Routing Power Girl's heat vision through Doctor Light using her energy absorbing abilities, the group was able to hold off the Shadow Demons long enough to trace Pariah's chains to their next destination: the Hall of Heroes. There, Power Girl and Doctor Light recalled their prior experience there, during the first crisis, before the entire group was attacked by the Pariah-controlled Justice Incarnate.

Luckily, Doctor Light, travelling into the orrery of worlds itself, realized that her power, imbued by the Monitor, was a direct link to the Great Darkness' opposite, The Light of Creation. Taking on a new, more powerful form, she was able to purge Pariah's influence from Justice Incarnate. While unable to complete their intended mission, they resolved to return to the battlefield on Earth-0, now knowing that they could use Doctor Light's abilities to free Pariah's Dark Army from servitude.[4]



  • In her first appearance, Kimiyo is shown to have three daughters. Despite this, in future issues her third daughter is replaced with her son Tommy.



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